For the grown and sexy

One of the things I really liked about by writing group in Dallas was that it just wasn’t a children’s lit writing group. We were comprised of all different types of writers – poets, journalists, stage play writers, screenwriters, romance writers, and even…gulp…Erotica writers.

One of my pals from my writing group in Dallas just started a blog. In addition to being a stage and screenwriter, Paula also writes erotica.

Now, I’m gonna do my best to keep this blog PG 13, but I’ve got to at least mention Paula’s blog. But before you check it out, be sure to put the kids to bed. Of course, with the amount of sex and violence on TV nowadays, maybe erotica isn’t so shocking to kids anymore. And truthfully, Paula is pretty tame when it comes to the racy stuff (I’ve read about more shocking stuff in some YA novels…has anyone heard about Rainbow Party)? One story I critiqued once had people putting things in places where only a doctor should travel. And then there was this other story –

Gotta remember, PG 13. Gotta keep it clean for the kids.

One Response to “For the grown and sexy”

  1. Don Tate II

    Oh, you just trying to get bumped off those fancy big-time author blogger list, aren’t ya? There goes those brotha’s in Austin bloggin’ all that saucy PG-13 erotica stuff again. They’re gonna be scared of us both.