A Pause for the Cause

I hadn’t written in a few days, and I was getting a little blog sick, so I figured I’d drop a quick post. Things are well. Mrs. V and I have spent our evenings scurrying around Austin, reacquainting her with food that she hasn’t eaten all summer – believe me, you do NOT want to get between that woman and Chick-Fil-A fries.

The response from friends and associates concerning the novel has been great. My inbox was literally flooded with over 50 emails from friends, all wishing me the best. And although it may take a while, I have tried to respond back to each one.

I still haven’t gotten a b-day present for Mrs. V yet. She can be pretty hard to shop for, being her tastes are so varied. I guess I’m going to have to squeeze in a trip to the mall sometime today or tomorrow.

More to come later today or tomorrow.

One Response to “A Pause for the Cause”

  1. Kim

    Congrats on the novel. You probably haven’t been married long enough to resort to my method of spousal gift buying–we tell each other what to buy. Or run a few ideas by the recipient before shopping. (I think you need/would like a … would you like that?) And for anniversaries or holidays, we decide to buy a nice family gift, usually some bigger ticket electronics item we’ve been wanting. No wrapping or stressful shopping required! But, not very romantic either.