Birthday Reloaded

Well, it looks like Mrs. V has changed her mind about her birthday present. Or rather, she has amended her birthday gift list. We walked into Barton Creek Square Mall the other day to return a shirt, and exited an hour later with a pair of 14K white gold hoop earrings.

And yes, she’s still getting the golf clubs.

I really can’t complain; she deserves every gift I can afford to buy her. Between my day job and getting ready for the book to drop in November, I’ve had zero time for her, for chores, or for much else. And because she understands how important this is to me, she just sucks it up and takes care of everything that I either forget or choose not to do. So if she wants a new pair of earrings, who am I to argue?

I hope to announce a few book-signing locations within the next few days. I have a date set with a store in my hometown, and I am close to finalizing locations in Austin and Dallas. Be sure to check back for updates.

To the first-time authors out there with a novel coming out soon, it is NEVER too late to start promotion. This has definitely been a learning experience for me, from ordering postcards to writing a press kit to calling stores for signings. I loved writing the book, but I could live without the marketing.

I’m heading back to Florence, SC tomorrow for my sister’s wedding (I am scheduled to attend at least 4 weddings between now and the end of October). I’ll let you guys know how the cake tastes.