Standing by her man

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Christopher Paolini and his Inheritance series (Eragon and Eldest). Well, Mrs. V is an avid science fiction and fantasy fan, and she hadn’t heard of him or his books until I mentioned him yesterday. Our conversation went something like this:

Mrs. V: Who did you say this guy was?

Me: Some kid named Christopher P-something-or-other. He’s got a series of fantasy books out.

Mrs V: Is it very successful?

Me: Well, he sold over 400,000 copies of the second novel, and that was in the first week.

Mrs. V: The first week?

Me: Yep. And he’s only 21.

Mrs. V slowly shakes her head: Babe, you’re writing the wrong thing.

Also, if you didn’t check out the comments from the last post, The Wonderful Cynthia Leitich Smith (Yes, I’m making “The Wonderful” an official part of her name) noted to check out the National Coalition Against Censorship for more information about the fight against censorship.

2 Responses to “Standing by her man”

  1. Don Tate II

    Just like a Misses. Hey, thanks for sending that copy of Plaid. Much appreciated. How excited you must be to be able to hold your 8-year journey in your hands and to be able to share it with the world. I can’t wait for that day, however, now that I just finished writing a pb, a novel seems out of my reach.