Easy Like Sunday Morning

Mrs. V and I played hookey today and decided to skip church. Usually, my morality starts nagging at me when I think about skipping church, but today, I was surprised how comfortable I was with the decision. Maybe I was okay because I got to spend some much-needed quality time with Mrs. V. I was in Fort Worth from Wednesday to Friday, and then I came home just long enough to go to bed before I headed to Houston on Saturday.

This morning, I treated Mrs. V to breakfast in bed. I’m no gourmet chef, so she had to settle for bacon and cinnamon rolls. The bacon was a little on the “Cajun” side, but Mrs. V didn’t seem to mind. After breakfast, we watched Crash. I was surprised how much I liked this movie – I think it does a great job of exposing our problems with stereotypes. I highly recommend it.

We took a quick power nap after the movie, and then headed to our Salsa class. So far, it’s been very…interesting. We rotate partners a lot, so it’s a nice change-up to dance with someone different. So far, I’ve only stepped on my partner’s toes once. Unfortunately, she was wearing open-toed shoes.

Now, I’m trying to catch up on some much-needed writing. Things with the new manuscript seem to be going well, but I won’t really know until I have a few more chapters under my belt. I will say this much – it’s the first novel in a long time that I’ve attempted to write from a male POV. Peter/Isaiah/Joshua (I haven’t quite finalized his name yet) is a very interesting character. I really like the story that he’s telling.

Also, thanks to everyone that showed up the book signing in Houston. I really enjoyed seeing a lot of old friends. And Catherine and Catrina – thanks for being my cheerleaders.

2 Responses to “Easy Like Sunday Morning”

  1. Don Tate II

    Oh, I need a hookey day. The wife always asks me, “lets play hookie today.” I know she ain’t takin’ no day off any more than I am. But the thought is nice.

    My problem is that, I’m a little, too, comfortable with skipping church. So comfortable that if it wasn’t for the wife, I’d probably be comfortably staying at home every week. Sad.

    Salsa dancing. I’m going to have to see if the wife would be interested. Thats one of my off the wall interest.