The Blue Screen of Death

Last week, after much debating, I decided to finally buy a new laptop. My old machine frequently shuts off on me – the machine begins to hum and the screen turns an electric blue color (hence the title of this post). The machine was under warranty when this first began happening, but of course, the store said that it was a software problem and not a hardware issue, and therefore not covered (since then, I have never bought another extended warranty). I took the machine in to a PC doctor, who after a week and $130 could find nothing wrong with the machine.

I have been living in constant fear of THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH for almost two years, but no more. In another few days, I should get my brand new laptop, an HP dv1000t notebook. I won’t drown you in the details, but the machine has one of the new Intel Dual-Core chips, which should make it a much more powerful and efficient machine. Of course, being that all I usually do on my machine is listen to music, write and cruise the web, I probably don’t need a lot of power. But dammit, after skimping on the price on my current machine, I decided to go all out and get the laptop that I really wanted.

And no, Mrs. V doesn’t know how much I spent on it, and I hope she never finds out.

2 Responses to “The Blue Screen of Death”

  1. Anonymous

    I am glad you purchased a new computer; however, if your sister finds out the price your wife will probably know too.

    I choose to remain anonymous for safety reasons……..

  2. Peter

    hey Varian,

    Hey I havent read your blog for a long long time, looks like you have been writing and spending money huh. about the laptop deal, why didn’t you walk into Mr. wallace’s office and ask, “dammit when is my laptop coming?”

    hey one more thing, I wrote an email to Ben Watts yesterday, of course he hasn’t replied but if he does, that means I am in big trouble.