Everything except writing

The worse thing about buying a house is actually moving into it. We’ve been in the process of moving for over 2 weeks. I’ve made more trips to Home Depot in these two weeks than I have my entire life. But we’re close to being finished – I hope.

With all the house stuff going on, my writing has been suffering greatly. I just can’t seem to find the time or the energy to get writing done. Hell, I haven’t even unpacked all my office stuff yet. This week looks to be just as bad; Mrs. V and I are headed back to my hometown for a long weekend, so we have a bunch of house stuff to take care of before we leave town.

While I haven’t found the time to get much writing done, I have found the time to google my name and my novel’s title. On Saturday afternoon, I stumbled across the most peculiar thing – a My Space page that’s named after my novel. I don’t think the owner of the page has even read the book, but apparently she feels like a red polka dot in a world full of plaid.

I think I should be flattered. I’ll let you know how I ultimately feel once the shock wears off.

2 Responses to “Everything except writing”

  1. Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness

    Hey V. When I created my MySpace page I couldn’t use my book title because someone already had it as their name too. But some of these people change their names so often, that half the time I have no idea who they are when they comment me. My daughter changes her Myspace name at least once a week! Exhausting.

  2. Christy Lenzi

    Varian, if the link is correct, it looks like she’s already changed her name to “Sushii {with a Capitol S.}”

    A perfectly logical switch.

    Be flattered, though–A Red Polka Dot in a World Full of Plaid is a cool title.