Where’s Mr. V?

Currently, I’m hanging out in the great metropolis of Waco, TX. Mrs. V and I were stuck in traffic (there was a horrible accident on IH-35). While making a bathroom break, the car decided to stop on us. Of course, no auto shops are open at 5:00 PM on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so Mrs. V, the two dogs, and I had to bed down here in Waco. I’m currently at the Ford Dealership. So far, I’m amassed at least $235 in auto costs…and they’re still not done.

I haven’t posted in quite a while, mainly because I’ve been slaving away at the edits on Rhombus. I’m done…almost. I had to do a total rewrite of one chapter; I’m curious what Super Cool Editor Guy will think of it. I’ve still got to tweak the ending (as I said in my last post) but that’s easy compared to the trickle effect caused by the changes to Chapter 19.

I’ve also updated the blog to Blogger Beta. It looks like I still have all of my previous posts, but I’ve lost my old comments.

FYI – If anyone gets stuck at IH-35W exit 337, the only hotel in the area that accepts pets is the Knights Inn. It’s not the most upscale motel in the world, but it’s better than sleeping in a car.

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