Happy MLK Day everyone. Unfortunately, because of the weather here in Austin, most of the local MLK day activities have been cancelled. So although I can’t actively celebrate on today, I can reflect on the impact that Dr. King had on America. I encourage others to do likewise.

A few links:

Cynsations has a good post on the Eighteenth National African-America Read In, sponsored by the Black Caucus of NTCE and NTCE.

Fuse Number 8 asks the question: Why is no one discussing the Coretta Scott King Awards?

The King Center honors the legcay of Dr. King.

Build the Dream discusses the efforts to build the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at the National Mall in Washington, DC. (Note – I am a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, one of the major contributors of the memorial project. Dr. King was initiated into the fraternity while a graduate student at Brown University in 1952).

Check out more info on MLK Day at Yahoo news.