Mr. V Takes Five

I’ve been tagged by SpookyCyn.

The rules: Each participant shares five little-known facts about themselves. Those tagged are asked to do the same as well as reiterate this guideline. All select five folks to be tagged and list their names. (Leave a comment letting them know that you’ve tagged them and that they may see your blog as an example.)

1) I’m a twin. Unfortunately for Momma V, she didn’t find this out until ONE DAY before Coltrane Jenkins and I were born. We were originally going to be named after our father, but being that they didn’t think Larry No. 1 and Larry No. 2 would work, we went without names for three days until they could think of something suitable. Of course, now that I look back on my adolescence, I wonder if Larry No. 2 would have been a kinder name.

2) I tested a home pregnancy test. In preparation for my upcoming novel, I decided to buy a few home pregnancy kits. Luckily for me, I had never seen one up close and personal before. Anyway, I bought a few, and decided to test them out. And I’m glad to say, I’m not pregnant. (There’s actually a lot more to this story that I’ll have to post one day – including the pitfalls of buying HPTs from Target while simultaneously buying two bottles of red wine, having a wife find an HPT underneath her husband’s sink, and having “performance anxiety” while trying to administer the test.)

3) I’ve broken both of my ankles. But not at the same time. I broke the left ankle trying to jump off a flight of stairs in front of the girls’ dorm while at a summer program at FAMU. I broke the second ankle while playing volleyball. (For all of you 16 year-old guys out there, take note: leaping off a flight of stairs does NOT impress girls.)

4) I was the valedictorian of my high school class. Actually, I was the co-valedictorian of my high school class. The other valedictorian…the aforementioned Coltrane Jenkins.

5) I was a huge computer role-playing gamer back in the late 80’s – early 90’s. My game of choice – Space Quest. The game (and it’s many sequels) chronicled the heroics of Roger Wilco, your average, everyday, world-saving janitor. I also placed a lot of Ultima games. This alone probably explains my abundance of geekiness.

Who I’m tagging: Carrie Jones, Christi Lenzi, Lisa Schroeder, Paula Chase Hyman, and Coltrane Jenkins.

6 Responses to “Mr. V Takes Five”

  1. Don Tate II

    Couple interesting things here. I didn’t know you were a twin. But Varian Johnson and Coltrane Jenkins? Not exactly twinly names. Yor for real? And valedictorian — man, I’m impressed. That needs to show up in the lives of one of your (A-A) male characters. I was the valedictorian of my class, too…on the low-ranking end.

  2. Varian Johnson

    Naw, his real name is Darian, but he thinks Coltrane Jenkins sounds cooler.

    I should have tagged you with this, but for some reason, I thought that you had already gotten this tag.

    And I thought about making one of my male AA characters a valedictorian. But to be honest, I think most industry folks would say that I wasn’t being realistic.

  3. Paula

    Why, why, why was I laughing so hard about you taking the pregnancy test?!?! If you felt anxiety imagine the level us girls feel when we take one! I’m still tripping!!!

    Alright I’ve been tagged, so I’m taking the challenge…

  4. Christy Lenzi

    I’m impressed. I mean, the valedictorian thing is nice and all, but boundig off a whole flight of stairs? What a man.

    Hmmmm….now I have to go dig up five things of my own. And I suppose you expect them to be non-fiction–blast! I hate switching genres.