Goodbye, Old Friend

Just as Florida lost James and Kirk lost Spock, I have lost one of my closest friends.

After 5 good years, my printer has died.

After a laptop/computer, I think a printer is one of the most important technology-based tools that a writer needs. As most authors can attest, words looks vastly different on paper as opposed to on the screen. Things that I’m blind to (like overuse of words) are much easier to catch while looking at a hardcopy of a manuscript.
Anyway, my printer (a Brother 1440) was a workhorse for years. She printed all of the invitations, programs, and reply cards for my wedding (all on cardstock). She printed my sister’s wedding invitations. And she carried me through two full manuscripts. By my estimation, she printed out over 60,000 sheets of paper, not including all of the cardstock and stuff associated with miscellaneous projects. Actually, the last thing she printed out was my final edited copy of My Life As A Rhombus.
Good-bye, my friend. Live long and prosper.

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