Name Association

While having lunch with my supervisor last week, I realized that his daughter is nicknamed Maddie, which just so happens to be the name of the main female character in my WIP. My supervisor’s Maddie is a nice, sweet, innocent girl. My Maddie, for lack of a better word, is un-innocent.

I hope he doesn’t remember this when the time for performance reviews comes around.

2 Responses to “Name Association”

  1. shy one/sly one

    I didn’t quite know the right time to put this on here, but I figured since you’ve given me permission I might as well do it today. So this the link to my first book of poetry titled “I Wanna Be Heard!!” for anyone to check out and buy. Please send me any feedback at my email address

    PS: thanks for your permission Mr.V and you probably have nothing to worry about with your supervisor. Also I have properly thanked you in the aknowledgement page of my book, but still I’ll say thanks again!!

  2. Don Tate II

    My Maddie (short for Madison), my niece, is a very sweet one. Strong. She’s suffered from sickle cell and was recently cured after undergoing a dangerous stemcell transplant, very similar to cancer treatment.