Not Ready to Play Nice

First of all, thanks to everyone that’s dropped me emails and comments. I really appreciate it.

I’m not really sure if there is a “12 Steps of Grief” list or something like that, but I’ve moved past sadness and am currently rooted in the “I’m Mad as Hell” aka the “F-U George Bush” phase.

I know it’s silly, but I find myself wondering: What if the Democrats were able to make that vote a year ago? What if Kerry had been elected instead of GW? What if Freeman had just been a little to the left or to the right when that bomb went off.

I feel like I’m looking to get into an argument. We’ve got some pretty conservative-minded folks at my office, and I’m almost praying that someone says something about the war. Or about Bush. Or…hell, they could probably start a conversation about toothpaste. I’d still try to find a way to get into an argument about how much Bush has fucked up the Iraq situation.

The Army finally released Freeman’s name today. I read the press release, and was like WTF? That’s it? That’s all you have to say? Fortunately, one of the Seattle TV stations had more on their website ( My brother also listed some memorial things about Freeman on our alumni fraternity site.

I started to send the link to Freeman’s line brothers (for those of you not familiar with Black Greek-Letter Fraternity talk, that means his pledge class). I kept counting the email addresses, wondering who I was missing. There were eight of them on the line–who could I be forgetting?

Then I realized that the missing one was Freeman. I guess dead men don’t need email addresses.

I’m sure I’ll be more level-headed tomorrow. But for today, it feels a lot better to be angry.

2 Responses to “Not Ready to Play Nice”

  1. eajay84

    I am good friends with Kara and was with her right after she got the news. I am taking care of her as best I can. I only got to hang out with Freeman a little bit last time he was in Tacoma for R&R. He was a great guy. Just so you know, we all hate GW and his cronies out here. Always have. I march in the protest rallys every chance I get.