What’s in a Name – Part Deux

Coltrane Jenkins made a post a few days ago about our intent on starting a group blog. In addition to having trouble with finding the time to start another blog (note my three week gap since my last post), we’ve also been struggling with potential blog titles. He listed the top 10 rejects. Here are 5 more.

1) Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow. Really, is there any point in explaining this one? I kinda liked it, but Coltrane thought it was crass.

2) The Kobayashi Maru. The Kobayashi Maru (as shown in Star Trek II) is a training exercise that all Starfleet command-track cadets must take–it creates a “no-win scenario” and is meant to test a cadet’s character. Captain Kirk successfully beats the test by reprogramming the simulator, and was awarded a commendation for original thinking. As Kirk would say later in STII: “I don’t like to lose.”

What this has to do with blogging, I don’t know. I just think it’s a cool name.

3) We Heart Soledad O’Brien. In the spirit of one of Coltrane’s favorite blogs, Kissing Suzy Kobler, I suggested that we name our blog in honor another journalist: Soledad O’Brien. And while I know I should be highlighting all of Soledad’s class, dignity, and intelligence, let me just be honest — she is FINE, FINE, FINE! (Any techno-geeks remember her from MSNBC’s The Site? I know I do.)

I think this title would have really worked, that it, until CNN kicked her off their morning show. The bastards.

4) Eating Cold Chicken Will Give You Worms: My father claims he never said this, but I promise, when growing up, hearing this phrase was a given. For some reason, my father took offense to me and my brother eating cooked poultry foods without heating them up. Of course, my father was of the belief that if you didn’t burn your food, it was still raw. To date, I have never seen the man order a steak any less cooked than “well-done”.

And since we’re speaking of inedible foods…

5. World’s Finest Chocolate: I know, Coltrane’s already listed this on his blog. But really, this stuff is so tough and so bad, it’s worth mentioning again. If all of mankind was destroyed in a nuclear catastrophe tomorrow, the only things left standing would be cockroaches and mounds upon mounds of World’s Finest Chocolate. It’s actually kind to call this stuff chocolate–rather, it’s more like a non-biodegradable brick.