Chillin’ at the Crib

I’m finally back in Austin after my two month stint in Hell Dallas, and I must say, it’s great to be back home. Not that I really dislike Dallas, but it sucks to be living out of a suitcase for 8 weeks. And while I like the Baymont Inn, it doesn’t exactly provide a superior living experience.

The worse thing about being away from home (you know, other than not being able to see Mrs. V so much) was that it was almost impossible for me to get writing done. Yeah, I tinkered on a few projects, and I did some editing, but I may have written 3 pages of new material. And that wouldn’t be so bad, expect that I’m enrolled in this MFA program, and I kinda get the feeling that they expect me to write.

Hopefully in another few weeks, I should be able to unveil the cover to My Life as a Rhombus. Andrew sent a mock cover the other day, and believe me, Flux has once again cranked out another outstanding cover.

And in closing, I just re-watched Ocean’s Eleven on TBS. I’m convinced–George Clooney is the coolest white guy in America (the other guy’s pretty cool as well).