Missing In Action

I got a message from Miss P today saying that she hadn’t heard from me in a while. I checked the date on my last post and realized that it has been a while since I’ve dropped in. Things have been really busy and stressful here for the past month, but finally life returned to somewhat normal this week.

So let’s see, what have I forgotten to tell you guys….

1) Remember when I said that Mrs. V liked my face better without the beard? Well, apparently, when Mrs. V said, “I really don’t like the way your beard feels,” what she actually meant was, “I really don’t like the way your beard feels, but I like it a lot better than how you look without the beard, and I really don’t think you should cut it.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize any of this until after I shaved. Which only proves that husbands should not try to please their wives.

2) I saw Ocean’s Thirteen. Not as good as Eleven, but a hell of a lot better than shit on a screen Ocean’s Twelve. And really, George Clooney is pretty damn cool. I think I have a man crush on him, because suddenly I have the urge to walk around in a tuxedo and drink scotch and say cool shit that doesn’t really make sense (but still sounds cool).

3) I found a nice, inexpensive desk for $85 at Eurway (it was a floor model – regular price is $219). It’s constructed of durable melamine laminate (which I think is just a fancy word for plywood). But it’s a lot better than the current $50 desk that I bought from Staples six years (and four moves) ago.

4) I’ve decided that I think I want to write a three book series. Now I just have to figure out what the series will be about.

5) I start my first residency at Vermont College in a week!!