Rez Number 1

Life is finally getting back to normal…or, at least as normal as it’s going to be for a while. My first residency at Vermont College was great, but it really tired me out (but in a good way). So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on my first residency:

1) I have an awesome class. Really. There are some people (like me) that are writers because they work really, really, really hard at it. There are others (like my classmates) that are writers because they are extremely talented. I’m honored to be starting my MFA with these guys. Some of them are going to be big-time authors one day–I’m sure of it.

2) I have a new man crush: Tim Wynne-Jones. He’s really smart and really funny, and his laugh is infectious.

3) There are a lot of freaking hills in Vermont.

4) I finally got a chance to meet Ellen Wittlinger face-to-face. I think she’d be a great addition to the faculty (hint, hint).

5) I had a chance to meet fellow Flux author Micol Ostow (and her crew of Gwenda Bond and Kate Angelella). They’re all loads of fun, especially after they’ve been drinking. FYI–check out Micol’s recently redesigned website.

6) Speaking of drinking–I drank a lot of red wine out of plastic cups. I think my class’s name should be “Red Teeth”.

7) Don’t tell Mrs. V, but I had one teeny-tiny cigarette while I was up there.

8) An Na came to the school to hang out one night. Being that she’s a Printz Award Winner and National Book Award Finalist, I thought she’d be…I don’t know…more standoffish. But she’s really down to earth and really easy to talk to.

9) Did I say there were a lot of hills in Vermont?

10) I’ll be working with the wonderful Sharon Darrow this semester. I hope she doesn’t make me cry.

11) I’m excited. And happy. And I know now, more than ever, that writing is what I’m supposed to be doing.

2 Responses to “Rez Number 1”

  1. Micol Ostow

    Yay, you! When I first came home from rez no. 1, I was mainly shell-shocked. But I think after a semester of being full-time, I am finally settling in. So I can assure you that it only gets better!

  2. A Large Slice of Cake

    I so agree with you on all these counts! Well, I differ on the crush front, but from awesome classmates to red teeth, I’m with you (and glad you’ve given up the idea that our class should be the smug bastards with breasts.) I miss you, Nice Guy, and am glad you are feeling back in the swing of things.

    — Jess