Random Thoughts

1) For anyone seriously thinking about making a go of the writing-full-time gig, I would encourage you to check out The Cold Hard Facts about the Writing Life and More Financial Truths from author Laurie Halse Anderson (found via Cynsations). It may come across as a bit bleak, but it’s definitely worth reading.

2) To my mother: I’m okay. Really. I still have a job. I still have a wife. I still have a car and a house and two dogs. It’s not that bad. Really.

3) To a certain classmate who will remain nameless: You will be a rock star in children’s and YA lit one day! You heard it here first!

4) I saw The Dark Knight yesterday afternoon. Wow. Dark is an understatement. Very good, but very dark.

5) I am counting down the days until Watchmen comes out. If you haven’t read the graphic novel, RUN to your nearest bookseller and buy it now.

6) I haven’t posted to the event calendar on my website, but that will change…soon…I think. I’ll keep you updated.