The Saving Maddie Blog Tour, Day 1

For my first stop on the Saving Maddie Blog Tour, I’m hanging with Melodye Shore in The Authors’ Tent. Here are a few snippets of the interview:

“At the beginning of the novel, both Joshua and Madeline’s actions encourage others to see them in very confined, two-dimensional ways. It isn’t until we see Joshua and Madeline truly begin to interact that we start to see more of their real selves.”


“I certainly don’t think the ethnicity of the characters is important in THIS story—the characters are Southern and religious, and that’s what I was most intent on getting across. Also, I didn’t want to manufacture a scene where the characters were commenting on their “blackness”—that just seemed silly.”

Be sure to check out the full interview! And tomorrow aka release day aka my birthday, check out Reading in Color, where I’ll be discussing the Saving Maddie Playlist.