The Saving Maddie Blog Tour, Day 5

For the final stop on the Saving Maddie Blog Tour, I’m hanging with Edi at Crazy Quilts. A few excerpts:

“Also, my characters feel like my children at times—I don’t want all of these bad things to happen to them. I want someone to swoop in set them on the right path (I especially felt this way about Rhonda in My Life as a Rhombus, and Madeline is practically breaking my heart right now as I work through the companion novel).”

And perhaps my favorite excerpt from the entire tour:

“As my Dad used to say—it’s not a real meal if it doesn’t have meat!”

Check out the full interview!

In general, thanks everyone for all the support for Saving Maddie. This book is special to me for a lot of reasons–my first hardcover, my first post-VCFA book, my first book from a male perspective. Honestly, the entire week has been a little overwhelming; I’m kinda looking forward to things dying down a bit next week.

But before I sign off, if y0u live in Austin, or if you live close to Austin, or if you’re looking for a reason to visit Austin, please join me and my friend April Lurie for our joint book signing at the end of the month. The event will be set-up interview style–April and I will be asking each other thought-provoking / embarrassing / incriminating questions. Here are the event details:

Varian Johnson (Saving Maddie) and April Lurie (The Less-Dead) Dual Release Party
Saturday, March 27th at 2:00
Austin, TX

Thanks so much guys! Next week, I promise to talk about something other than Saving Maddie…that is, if I get around to posting to the blog.

5 Responses to “The Saving Maddie Blog Tour, Day 5”

  1. Janet Fox

    From the little I heard this is such a wonderful book – go Maddie! I can't wait to read it, Varian.

  2. Kiera

    hello im kiera johnson and saving maddie is a wonderful book and im wondering when your going to make a saving maddie 2 or my life as a rhombus 2 they were both great books your a great writer i wish i could write as good as you one day. Your one of my favorite writers. evry time you come to plugerville for signings i always miss you which truly sucks. plz message me at thank you.