Things that make me happy

1) DDD’s with Sarah Bird (Read recaps by Jenny and Shana) 2) New Blackberry Phones! (Who needs a stupid iPhone anyway?) 3) Vermont College Workshop Packets (with my workshop being led by the wonderful Sharon Darrow! And last but not least…. 4) ARCS and…5) Dust Jackets!

In the News x 2

I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in the Austin American-Statesman twice in the past week. On Feb. 24th, I discussed The Brown Bookshelf and our 28 Days Later Campaign. And today, I was featured along with the Austin Delacorte Dames – April Lurie, Margo Rabb, Jennifer Ziegler, and Shana Burg. Check us out. (And… Read more »

Delacorte Dames and Dude(s)

I, along with four other Austin authors, were mentioned in Publishers Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf this week! This just further proves that all Children’s and YA authors should move to Austin!