Freeman Gardner

What I Believe

I haven’t posted in a while because every time I’ve touched the computer, I’ve wanted to talk about Freeman or the war or something like that. And when I think too much about it, I just end up getting depressed all over again. But it’s been a week since we buried Freeman, and I’ve slowly… Read more »

A Message from Freeman’s Wife

From Kara Gardner, Freeman’s wife: A memorial fund has been set-up in Freeman’s name for his niece Chanel. It was Freeman’s desire that Chanel go to college and he always wanted to help her make that a reality. I have appreciated receiving flowers, but if you would like you may donate to the Freeman Gardner… Read more »

Not Ready to Play Nice

First of all, thanks to everyone that’s dropped me emails and comments. I really appreciate it. I’m not really sure if there is a “12 Steps of Grief” list or something like that, but I’ve moved past sadness and am currently rooted in the “I’m Mad as Hell” aka the “F-U George Bush” phase. I… Read more »

A Death in the Family

Yesterday, I found out that a very good college friend – my fraternity brother – died in Iraq. I held it together as I talked to one of my co-workers right after I found out. The co-worker mistakenly started off our conversation by calling me a “tree-hugging liberal.” Usually I just laugh when he says… Read more »