Vermont College

Yes, I can do the math…

…and I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve pretty much come to the realization that, until I finish up a Vermont College, my blogging volume is going to drastically decrease. But the semester is finally over (almost). I still have to get together a bunch of paperwork to turn in to… Read more »

First Packet Blues

The good news: I survived my first month of the MFA program. The bad news: I have 23 more months to go. I turned in my first packet a few days ago. And as soon as I hit “send” I was flooded with self-doubt. Would my advisor like it? Did I read enough books? Did… Read more »

Alternative Covers and Life In General

Found this on the Netlibrary website today: Yep, that’s the cover for the downloadable version of A Red Polka Dot in a World Full of Plaid. shows the original cover, but for some reason, Netlibrary is using this one. I’m not sure if I like this cover better than the old one. However, I… Read more »

Rez Number 1

Life is finally getting back to normal…or, at least as normal as it’s going to be for a while. My first residency at Vermont College was great, but it really tired me out (but in a good way). So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on my first residency: 1) I have an awesome… Read more »

Back and Better Than Ever (Mini-Post)

I’m back from my first residency at Vermont College. Met a lot of cool, smart people. Learned a lot of new things. I’ll post more in detail this weekend–after I’ve had a chance to catch up with the real world.

Things I was supposed to do before Vermont College…

1) Finish revising the first three chapters of Righteous: Well, I’m close (if you consider close being stuck somewhere in Chapter 2). But I’m still hopeful that I can at least stay on my schedule of getting the first half revised by the end of next month. 2) Finish updating my website: For anyone paying… Read more »

I’d Hate To Check My Blood Pressure This Month

I got my Vermont College Workshop Packet this weekend. It comes in at just over 200 pages, and it contains pieces by 11 authors (including myself) that I’m supposed to read and be ready to critique by the time the residency rolls around next month. No so bad, right? Except that I have an article… Read more »

A Bit of Good News

In an attempt to be less dreary, I just wanted to quickly post that I’ve been awarded a merit scholarship for my upcoming fall semester at Vermont College. Yay me!!

Mr. V Gets Schooled

So not only did I turn 30 yesterday, and not only did I submit my “almost” final manuscript of My Life As A Rhombus (only three comments from AK in this round), and not only did I get my brand new Brother HL-5250 printer (it duplexes), but I also got a call from Sharon Darrow,… Read more »