Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me.

Yeah, Meredith Grey might be a little crazy, but when I’m on submission, I get how she feels: Up until a few months ago, the last time I went out on wide submission (to multiple editors) was back in April 2008 for Saving Maddie. For four months, my phone was my best friend. Where ever… Read more »

The Newness

I hate starting a new project. Every time I start something new, the following thoughts pop into my head: 1) Why am I doing this? I don’t get paid enough to be this miserable.2) I’m such a hack. No wonder ____ said _____ about my last book.3) I could write a novel about ___, but… Read more »


I started a new project last week. So far, I haven’t used the following words: or or or even That’s right, kiddos–Mr. V is trying to go: And truthfully, it: I gonna stick with this for a while, just because the type of novel I’m writing could work great without cursing, if I can make… Read more »

Ta Da!

Pop the champagne! Drop the confetti! I am happy to report that I have finally finished the first draft of my latest novel. Actually, first draft is a little misleading. It’s more like the first complete draft of the novel. My process is really pretty complicated. First, I spend a few weeks outlining a novel…. Read more »

The Printz Dream

I had the Printz Dream again. The dream where I get a call in January, informing me of my selection as the Printz Award winner. My dream self is confused, because even in my dreams I know that I shouldn’t be winning the award. But my dream self isn’t one to look a gift horse… Read more »

Poems That Suck – Part 2

Last year, I posted a poem that I wrote back in 1991. For those of you that remember, it sucked. Well, after reading a recent post by Sara Zarr (who’s book, Story of a Girl, comes out next month), I am inspired yet again to post bad poetry. Here’s another gem from 1991. I get… Read more »

Who’s Mr. V?

Super Cool Editor Guy has me working on a bio for My Life A As Rhombus. I won’t reveal the bio just yet, but I will reveal what didn’t make the cut: 1) Varian Johnson was not a ladies’ man in high school, but he will lie and tell you that he was. 2) Varian… Read more »

Where’s Mr. V?

Currently, I’m hanging out in the great metropolis of Waco, TX. Mrs. V and I were stuck in traffic (there was a horrible accident on IH-35). While making a bathroom break, the car decided to stop on us. Of course, no auto shops are open at 5:00 PM on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so Mrs…. Read more »

Happily Ever After

Most YA authors will say that while a YA novel doesn’t have to have a happy ending, it must give the reader a sense of hope. And I almost always agree with that…except in the case of Rhombus. I got the edits on Rhombus last week, but I knew I had to change the ending… Read more »

Mr. V meets Imaginary Oprah

Thanks everyone for all of the congrats and well-wishes about the book sale. I know I keep saying it, but it’s true – I really, really like what Flux is doing, and I’m happy to be a part of it. Folks have asked a lot of questions about me, the novel, my agent, Flux, and… Read more »